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Reservations are available weeknights and Sunday evenings at Bar SixtyFive, and on special nights for LIVE! from the Rainbow Room performances.

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Bar SixtyFive

Bar SixtyFive welcomes guests to an elevated lounge experience, offering a modern twist on old-world glamour for bespoke cocktails and American bistro fare. Perfect for post-work gatherings, celebrations or a night out with friends.

Please call 212.632.5000 for groups of five or more.

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Our History


Grand Opening

The opening of the Rainbow Room is officially announced in 1934. The name changes from Stratosphere because, according to The New Yorker, “the Rockefellers decided that it [the name] not only fell short of the mark, but it sounded too much like an ordinary nightclub.” The space atop the RCA Building on the eastern side is to be a class of its own, unlike any other late night destination of the day.


Charity events

Various Whitneys, Astors, and of course, Rockefellers attend a charity event at the Rainbow Room. Ballroom dancers Lydia and Joresco also attend to perform for the lavish and enthusiastic audience.


Iconic performers

“So great is the room’s prestige,” says the New York Evening Journal, “that ace performers will work there for much less than salaries they command elsewhere.”


salmon serving

A consignment of salmon caught on Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula in the morning arrives in the Rainbow Room kitchen in the afternoon and is served for dinner that night—the first time salmon was caught, shipped and served in a New York restaurant on the same day.


restaurant reopening

The restaurant reopens for cocktails and dinner after nearly eight long years when the operation was taken over by the Union News Company.


revolving dancefloor

Otto Berk from the Haywood Berk Floor Company restores Rainbow Room’s famous revolving dance floor that was first installed by his father, Otto Sr., in 1934.


joan crawford

Actress Joan Crawford makes her last public appearance at the Rainbow Room.


grand reopening

After a renovation and reopening in 1987, guests at Rainbow Room include Joan Rivers and former president Jimmy Carter. The reopening gala bash features two massive dinner buffets, and a dessert arrangement of 30 types of pastries.


mayor koch

“Cigars, cigarettes,” call two young women in pink pillbox hats and mesh stockings who identify themselves as “cigarette women.” Grabbing them by their waists, Mayor Koch tells those nearby, “I’m lecturing them on the evils of smoking.”


opening acts

Tony Bennett is the first attraction and opening act at Rainbow & Stars, a jewel box of a snug cabaret-supper club, adjacent to the Rainbow Room.


tiny bubbles

Over the course of the year, Rainbow Room wait staff pour 206,280 glasses of champagne from 34,370 bottles. To make this possible, the stockroom keeps 3,600 champagne flutes on hand.


80 years later

The iconic Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center enters a glittering new era when it reopens for the first time since 2009, 80 years after it first opened its doors in 1934.


new heights

Located on the west end of the 65th floor, adjacent to the Rainbow Room, Bar SixtyFive at Rainbow Room opens as the highest outdoor terrace bar in New York City. Offering playful bistro fare and curated cocktails, the polished vintage gem is framed by awe-inspiring urban views.


private dining

The private Dining Club Rockefeller Center reopens for invitation-only members and their guests. One of New York City’s most elevated private dining clubs, this professional venue offers industry leaders exceptional breakfast and lunch services in a confident, attentive and welcoming atmosphere.



Rainbow Room kicks off 2016 with a new Sunday brunch. Decadent à la carte dining is complemented by special chef stations featuring indulgent desserts and award-winning brunch cocktails, attracting guests for a taste of quintessential Manhattan.

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